A Busy Road Trip

060425ramirez I hope I’m not jinxing the rest of this road trip with this blog entry, but it has been enjoyable watching the Reds win four of the first five games.

Monday night’s 4-2 win had to give Jerry Narron and Tom Hume particular joy because of the performance of 23-year-old Elizardo Ramirez.  It’s only one start, but seven strong innings from an unexpected source was great to see.  Talking to him after the game (mostly through his interpretor/catcher, Javier Valentin), Elizardo was quick to thank Mario Soto, now the Louisville pitching coach, for helping him develop a better change-up.  Before I turned the microphone on to talk to Elizardo, Jerry Narron reminded him, "Don’t forget to call Mario Soto!"

It’s always great to see a young pitcher succeed, get his first big league win, get the ball, and in this case, get his first hit too. 

So 13-7 after 20 games, the best start in 12 years, not bad.  Loooooooong way to go, but it sure beats a poor start.  The win guaranteed a winning road trip.  And what a great story Brandon Phillips has been.  Again, it’s early, but another young guy enjoying success (National League Player of the Week), after an unbelievable week, in which he drove in 17 runs.

Off the field, it’s been a busy couple of days for me.  As much as I would have loved to do some sightseeing here, I’ve visited friends in Baltimore Monday and relatives in Virginia today, both visits that were long overdue on my part.  But this is a GREAT city to have as a regular stop in the National League.  From where we’re staying, most of what you’d want to visit in Washington is pretty close.  Now it’s off to RFK for more baseball…


  1. apoloniosubia@hotmail.com

    For Steve, do you feel Cody Ross will get playing time soon? This is great for the Reds to have his power.

  2. mfryman@cinci.rr.com

    Welcome to the world of blogs, Steve. I’m curious, do you ever get frustrated with having to share time with Joe in the Broadcast booth? Also, do you remember my aunt at the Reds caravn in Dayton? She gave you the hangover cure. The Bad Boy strikes again! How’d you get that nickname?

  3. paddyglover@gmail.com


    Just finished seeing the three Reds games in DC. I look forward to reading what you have to say!

    I’ve added your blog to my sidebar and will be visiting often. The Reds blogosphere is a great community – I hope you’ll take some time to cruise it.


    “Sister Daedalus”

    Church of Baseball


  4. brandon@brandonkraemer.com


    Just wanted to say what a great job I think your doing, and I hear that from many of my friends who are also regular listeners to the Reds on Radio broadcasts. I like the depth of baseball knowledge, especially the AL tidbits that you bring to the show. Have a great year, GO REDS!

  5. blkdnk@verizon.net


    I just found your blog, and I have also added it to my favorites list, so keep the info coming! I really enjoy listening to you and Marty on the broadcasts. It is very refreshing to hear you and Marty talking TOGETHER during the games instead of one being silent through the other’s innings. The banter back and forth is great! Keep it up!


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