Lights Out Again!

Bronson_2 Bronson Arroyo does it again, now 5-0 after Monday night’s win over the Cardinals. It’s been fun to watch his starts.  It’s funny, I talked with a friend of mine tonight who reminded me he was at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota for Bronson’s first start for the Reds in Spring Training, and that the Twins knocked him around in that start. That was just days after the Reds acquired him.  Then in his next start, in Fort Myers at the Red Sox spring home, he was lights out.

This season he’s been "lights out" in five of his six starts, including Monday, when he threw his second career complete game, and raised his record to 5-0

For a guy who loved the whole Fenway experience and was initially disappointed by the trade,  he’s enjoying his new team.  He told me on the radio after Monday’s game, "I’m having a great time.  Anytime you can come to an organization and make an impact right away, it’s nice.  And to be on a team that wasn’t picked to be in first place, it feels even sweeter."

By the way, this was the fifth time (five big wins) that he’s been my guest as our star of the game.  That’s five envelopes containing Montgomery Inn dinner coupons (as well as coupons for Frontgate outlet stores).  He’s still new in town.  Has he had the chance to try the "world’s greatest ribs?"  Apparently superstition has prevented him from enjoying the dining experience… so far.

"I have not.  I’m scared to use any of these coupons.  At the end of the year hopefully I’ll have $2,000 worth of Montgomery Inn stuff to give away." 



    It is absolutely exciting to watch Red’s baseball this year! It is amazing how much fun it is to see what good, consistent pitching looks like in GABP. Wily Mo who?


    Bronson’s the man what a great guy we got Williams looked decent today so hopefully he’s getting better.


    And he’s cute, too! Steve, since you’ve interviewed him so many times, and hopefully, many more times, have you gotten any personal info out of him, like, is he married, any kids, where does he live in Cincy, what bar does he hang out at, what’s his address (kidding on the last one). Was just wondering that if you haven’t gotten that info, could you get it for us baseball fans of the female persuasion?

    On a (more) serious note, it’s a treat to watch a guy out there that really looks like he knows what he’s doing. No offense, but we’re not used to seeing that. Hat’s off to the GM for that trade. I hope BA gets to like it here. Tell him it’s not a bad town to live in. It’s not Boston, but it’ not bad.


    I know he’s named after the actor Bronson, but doesn’t he look like shaggy of Scooby Doo fame?


    My understanding is Bronson’s not married, but beyond that I don’t want to infringe on his privacy. He is a nice, down-to-earth person who has been a great addition on and off the field for this team.

    Regarding the Scooby Doo question, I don’t hear a lot of female fans asking about Shaggy’s marital status…

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