Pics from PNC Park

I hope you enjoyed the Cooperstown photos. We had a lot of fun. Those pics and that blog entry will remain on here.  We’ll have a link to it throughout the season so you can go back to look at them whenever you’d like.

This entry shows you where we go, now that I’ve (sort of) figured out how to e-mail pictures. These photos are from PNC Park in Pittsburgh, which opened in 2001, and it will be the site of this summer’s All-Star Game.

The view is among the best you’ll find at any ballpark in the country.  The weather was mostly horrible this past week, but we got all three games in.

Once we get to Comerica Park in Detroit, I’ll try to post some more photos:


060519tarpoff Dscn0223
The sunny skies soon gave way to the clouds and rain.


We’ve seen a little too much of this the past couple of weeks.
060519marty 060519producer
Marty getting his "game face" on, preparing for a broadcast. That’s our on-site producer in Pittsburgh, Cincy Boyden.  She’s the only one in the booth actually working.


060519sunny 060519skyline
Our birds-eye view.  It’s the highest broadcast booth in the Majors. A great view of downtown Pittsburgh across the Allegheny River.


When you walk out the door of our booth, you see the home of the Steelers, Heinz Field.  Which raises the question.  If the stadium is named after a ketchup, why are the seats mustard color?




    Awesome job Steve. That looks like a beautiful park. Thank you for taking the time to snap the pictures and show us your view of things. Marty looks good there pretending to work… šŸ™‚ Once again, thanks Steve.


    Enjoy your comments Steve. My 15 year old son and I visited Pittsburgh last year and it indeed is a beautiful ballpark. One of the best.


    It is possible to put a homer in the river. In fact, current Pirate Jeromy Burnitz did it a few years ago as a visiting player. What I don’t know is whether it’s been done “on the fly.” I believe his homer bounced into the water…



    Steve – I love your blog, but the pictures you have been adding lately take it to the next level. They are fantastic. I would love it if you could find the time to keep taking lots of great pics and posting them on your blogs. GREAT JOB!!!

    – George, Dayton


    Steve, See that PNC Park on Pirate Website says closest distance from Home Plate to the Allegheny River is 443 Feet, 4 inches. Saw in Pirate yearbook last year that Gary Ward put a HR in the drink.

  6. Cory

    I think that would’ve had to have been Daryle Ward–not Gary.

    I know there have been a few bounce shots. Behind the wall in RF is a walkway with concessions–add that in with the seats behind Clemente’s wall, and you’re looking at a mammoth shot to get it in the river.

    Maybe at the ASG this year.

    Let’s go Pirates,




    These are absolutely beautiful photos. Thanks for posting them.

    The one of Milo and Marty is priceless. My two favorite baseball broadcasters ever, in the same picture.

    Keep up the great work!


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