Photos from Wrigley

Since this is the "Bad Boy Blog," after all, I figured I’d tell you where I went after Monday’s day game.  I didn’t take pics, but my college roommate (and Chicago native) Jim Sweeney and I went out in Wrigleyville (the area of bars and restaurants around Wrigley Field).

We had dinner at a good Mexican place, El Jardin (with the "J" pronounced like an "H").  El Jardin is reputed to have the strongest margaritas in Wrigleyville (I don’t know about the strongest, but they’re good).  Later we hit Hi-Tops, which is right across the street from the ballpark. A Wrigleyville staple, it features dancing downstairs, and a bar and restaurant upstairs.

Later we stopped by Tavern on Rush, which is quite the hot spot on Chicago’s famous Rush Street.  It’s where the beautiful people go (and me too…)


Yes, I found my brief case (thanks Gary Wahoff), and so here are photos from Wrigley this week.

But first, since it’s my blog (and my son was involved), a couple of photos from George Foster’s baseball clinic at Riverside Park in Newtown during the last homestand:


Big George (I just looked it up, he’s 57 years old, amazingly.  Looks 15-20 years younger).  He’s soft-tossing to my son, John. The kids all had a good time, and George was great with all of them. A confined work space for broadcasters, but you don’t complain because it’s Wrigley Field.
Perspective from where I sit; sometimes the TV monitor can get in the way.
Actor (and Chicago native) Vince Vaughn leads them in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Sorry about the flash.  FYI: Jennifer Anniston was at the game but did not come up to the press box.
Marty at work. Out the left side of the booth. On-site prodcuer Ed Murphy takes our picture.
In the ninth inning, I sit in the stands. It allows me to quickly get to the field for a player interview.  Not a bad seat, eh? Of course, I am surrounded by Cub fans. Looking back at the press box. Notice the Harry Caray tribute with the large glasses.
The view out the back window of the press box gives you a nice view of the Chicago skyline. View from my seat for a night game at Wrigley. Fans stand during the seventh-inning stretch
A longtime "Reds on Radio" fan: talented Wrigley Field organist Gary Pressy. He’s listened to WLW from Chicago since the 1970s. We can see a little bit of Lake Michigan down the right field line.



    The pics are really great. It is interesting to see things from your perspective. Thanks.


    Steve, once again, great pictures. I agree with blkdnk that it is really neat to see what it’s like from your view. Which park is your favorite in terms of the broadcast booth? What about Marty B. What kind of scorebook do you use? I know that some broadcasters use the Bob Carpenter Scorebook. I love the behind the scenes stuff. Keep up the good work. Thanks Steve!


    Steve – do you get that great of a seat during the 9th inning of every game you go to?? I can always fill in your seat for innings 1-8 if you need a seat warmer. 😉

    – George Moore, Dayton


    Hey Folks:

    As far as my favorite broadcast booth in other cities, hard to say. All the new parks are so nice. Detroit’s was super, San Francisco is great, largely because of your view of the water. Milwaukee has a roomy booth.

    The scorebook I use is copied from the one Josh Lewin (FOX, Texas Rangers television) let me copy when we were in the minor leagues many years ago. I’ve tweaked it a little over the years. Bob Carpenter has an outstanding scorebook for broadcasters. The one I use is fairly similar.

    As far as “my” seat downstairs, actually all I do is find an empty seat near the field. Someone always has left by the ninth inning. And the ushers are nice enough to let me move down (after I show them my media pass). That allows me quick access to the field. In some other parks (Milwaukee and Pittsburgh, for example) there is a good tunnel entrance separate from the dugouts where I can wait for the final out…



    Steve, I just found about about your blog site, I love it. I love the pictures and the behind the scene atmosphere. Keep it up, Thanks! Jeff


    Steve, I’d love to see a photo of a media pass. Just for curiousity sake, of course. You said, you just show it to the ushers?

  7. dave

    Baseball is the greatest sport I know. But to me, on a par, is football (soccer to most of you). The greatest show on Earth (The World Cup) starts on Friday.
    It is still bigger than the olympics.

    I will be starting a totally new, non-baseball, blog for the duration of the competition.

    Please, one and all, come and join in the fun. Even if you know feck all, or even dislike the sport.

    It will be a fun 4 weeks folk..


    I don’t where to begin. Longtime listener (pre “Marty and Joe”)and former clubhouse worker (1988-1993)so i’ve met em all from Vin Skully, to Harry Cary to Harry Kalas. Your non-renewal may be the Red’s biggest loss of the season. Good luck, you’ll do well wherever you go and you will be sorely missed.

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