As the Reds battle the rest of the National League to see who’ll win the NL Central and the Wild Card, I felt it was time to take you to a place inside Great American Ball Park that I’m fairly certain you have never seen. After all, that was one of the main reasons for starting this blog — taking you "behind the scenes." Well, off we go again…

If you’re a regular Reds on Radio listener, you’ve probably heard us refer to the "JDD" at some point during the past couple of seasons. For the uninitiated, "JDD" stands for the "Jim Day Domicile."  Jim Day is our buddy from FSN Ohio. You’ve probably seen him on the Reds pregame or postgame show on TV, or doing the same job on Columbus Blue Jackets telecasts. The "JDD" is a seemingly small, covered structure. It’s located in the camera well just beyond the Reds dugout (first-base side) at Great American Ball Park.

So, without further adieu, we take you "inside the JDD." Enjoy!!


Jim Day enjoys the view from his "front porch" (the Reds dugout).


Jim is anxious to give us the grand tour.


And awaaaaayyyy we go!



Once you get inside the JDD, the first thing you notice is its enormity. I counted 38 floors inside the giant atrium. You can see the sunlight streaming in from the top. It gets very dark during night games.


Jim poses for a shot after a night game (a Reds win!).


The elevator allows Jim to keep tabs on all that goes on inside the JDD. And it looks cool; apparently the chicks dig it.



Jim is a popular guy, and he graciously entertains many visitors. But with his travels taking him all over the country, he’s set up a concierge desk to help everybody get where they’re trying to go.


A Reds fan enjoying his first visit to the JDD. Jim gets many requests for photos, but he always has time for his fans.


When the concession stands aren’t open, Jim provides his guests with a deli.  It can get very busy around meal times.



Jim likes to stay in shape, and so do his guests. Here, Reds employee Ryan Rizzo works out in the JDD fitness center.


The JDD features two swimming pools. Outdoors…


And during the cold months, you can swim inside.



People are already wanting souvenirs. Demand became so great, Jim opened the JDD gift shop.


Jim getting ready to leave the JDD. Time for yet another "Real Reds" pregame show.


And this concludes our tour of the Jim Day Domicile. Ask Jim for details on tours and weekend rates. He offers family discounts as well.



  1. patmonahan1@cox.net

    I’d like to take a tour of the JDD, but I won’t until Jim stops carrying Atlanta Braves merchandise in his gift shop and gets some Reds stuff.

  2. sstewart@cincinnatireds.com

    Ever the genial host, Jim’s ready for the influx of Braves fans in Cincinnati for the Reds series with Atlanta. Jim’s got plenty of Reds merchandise as well…

  3. sfridenmaker@hotmail.com

    It looks like the same architect who designed the Atlanta Marriott Marquis designed the Domicile!

    Go Reds!! Beat the Braves!


    (A Red’s Fan in Atlanta)

  4. patmonahan1@cox.net

    Play with Passion! That’s the new Reds mantra. This game might be up there with the Hal King Home Run back in 1973.

  5. jzakany@wideopenwest.com

    It’s like Snoopy’s doghouse. If ya read the funny papers ya know he has a pool table in there.

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