Thanks Folks

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for all of your kind words. I’ve heard from many of you through this site, as well as our radio e-mail address. I’ve spoken with other fans around the ballpark. This has got to be the nicest fan base in all of baseball.

This is and continues to be an incredible opportunity for me. It is ?the greatest job in the history of jobs,? broadcasting Reds baseball and working with Marty. I continue to learn from him every day. Whatever I do after this season ends, I’m a better broadcaster and a better person for what I’ve been a part of these past three years. Just to say it one more time, they gave me this news in August because I wanted to know my status as soon as possible. I thank them for being upfront. You can be assured that the organization you root for is run by first-class people from top to bottom. And the excitement we’ve experienced this season is just the beginning.

I’ll keep this brief, but thanks again, and don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Focus on the final stretch of what’s been an incredibly fun season. That’s what I’m focusing on.

And, yes, the Philly photos will be up soon… still have to get pics of Marty’s cat Palmer and of our scorebooks too?



    I’m really going to miss the Badboy. I thought last week with Joe was great. My dad was in town and we had great time listening to Steve and Joe call those extra inning games. You could tell they were having as much fun as we were.

    Just when Steve is getting comfortable and we are really starting to appreciate his talent we have to start all over again.

    Good Luck Bad Boy, this Reds fan is really going to miss you. I hope to hear you again soon on the feed.


    Steve – will you be leaving up your blog after you leave? I really enjoy your blog – I think it is the best ever!!


    Steve, the news came as a big blow to this Louisville listener. I am a huge fan of your broadcasting skills and am now an even bigger fan in light of the ultra-classy way you are handling this decision. Your comments above reflect extremely well on your character and maturity. Your success is inevitable!


    Steve, I was truly shocked to hear the news that you won’t be returning. You have gone an outstanding job with the Reds, I’ll miss listening to your broadcasts.

    If and when the Reds make the post-season, I hope you get the opportunity to call some post-season baseball with Marty.


    Bad Boy- Class… The way in which you are handling yourself speaks volumes as to your true character. You r a first class announcer and human being. All of us Reds fans will miss you and wish you nothing but the best. And no matter what yu will always be a Reds fan (your son too!). Godd-luck…Jason T. Kelly



    We have been listening to you since you started via the internet here in Montana. We greatly enjoy the show, and I thought you and Marty made a great team.

    Best of luck in the future. Whenever a door closes, God always opens a window…in the long run, you will look at the change as a blessing.



    Steve, Enjoy you and Marty on the radio. Sorry to hear of your leaving-Don/t know why.Wishing you the very best of luck.


    We are really going to miss you here in Cincy. Listening to the games just won’t be the same without the Bad Boy! And once again, you handle everything with class and dignity–attributes which made you such a great announcer. I know you will continue to have good luck in wherever life takes you from here.



    Dear Steve,

    I was shocked to read the story in the local Louisville paper this morning about the Reds decision not to bring you back. I am a die hards reds fan but some of things they do are not the best. I am very disappointed in their decision. I really have enjoyed listening to you and Marty together. I wish they would give a reason for their decision. I know they have done alot a moves this year to help the ballclub but this move does not help the fans who listen to the ballgames on the radio. I think their decision not to bring you back is a real disservice to the fans. Good Luck to you in the future and please let us know where you finally settle down.


    Steve, I was sorry to hear that your contract is not being renewed. I enjoy the enthusiasm you bring to the broadcast.



    Tell your bosses they made a mistake—you do an excellent job and fit right in with Marty and Joe–you do great commentary and you know your players and the game!!!-Good luck to you, Steve, the Bad Boy.


    This has been my first season really of listening to Reds on Radio, and I sincerely thought management would be smart enough to keep you around, Steve. Marty seems to enjoy your company, and your chemistry in the booth is enjoyable to listen to. You certainly aren’t perfect at times, as I’ve heard you make a few mistakes, but I’ll take you anyday over Joe, and that’s the unfortunate truth. I really appreciate the job you’ve done on the games that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, and the class with which you are handling this situation is second to none.

    You will be missed in the booth, that is for sure.


    Steve, I am sorry to hear that you are not going to be back next year. I had a chance to meet you at the Reds Winter Caravan in Columbus this past winter and I thought you were an extremely nice and classy person and your handling of this situation proves that. I enjoy hearing you broadcast the games. I too love the blog and I hope it will continue. Good luck in the future and I have no doubt things will work out in your favor. Thank you for the past three years!


    Steve, you are truely going to be missed. God never closes one door without opening another. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Louisville last year at the 2005 caravan, and you were an incredibly classy and down to earth guy. I think you fit in well here at Cincy, and as a lifelong fan of the reds, this is perhaps the worse mistake they have done all year, and I am sorry to see it happen. you are loved by thousands of us. You are indeed destined for greatness as shown by the way you are handling this situation. Lesser men would have thrown a fit and just quit. I too hope you will call some post season games,
    God bless you Steve

    P.S. we are NOT men we are DEVO


    Steve thanks for the great job you did and bringing to all the Reds fans alot of good memories.
    You are handling this like the class guy that you are. I wish you all the best.


    Steve, best of luck to you. I really enjoyed your work this season, you will be missed. I think you and Marty really developed a nice report too. You are a class act and will be a huge asset to any booth you broadcast from. Stay true to yourself, and keep rooting for the Redlegs.


    Steve (the bad boy) Stewart-

    We will all miss you so very very much. You stepped in for one of Cincinnati’s most famed people and successfully replaced the “irreplaceable”. I hope that wherever your life takes you, that it will be successful and fruitful for you. Thank you so very much for coming into Reds fans homes and cars for the past three years. You are one of the greats!


    Steve – you are a credit to your profession; you displayed tremendous class and dignity in an extremely awkward situation; following a legend like Joe is not easy but your lack of ego made the broadcasts enjoyable; we will certainly miss you and good luck. i know you will land on your feet!


    Steve- I appreciate the time you took out to talk to me at the Reds Caravan in Ashland KY. I will certainly miss your play by play and your commentary. I for one thought you were a great success and a great successor to Joe. I really enjoyed the games that you called with Joe! You will certainly have another loyal following no matter what team is lucky enough to recruit you. Thank you for bringing us Reds Baseball and BEING Reds Baseball!


    Steve-I just wanted to let you know we, my whole family, & future daughter-in-law really enjoyed listening to you & Marty. Of course, last year was more difficult – you were taking over for an icon!!!! We will miss you & will have a hard time listening to someone new again. Take care & good luck Steve


    Steve, Just wanted to say we have enjoyed your all out enthusiasm and real joy for the game of baseball.You were always well prepared for interviews or whatever came your way.I enjoyed your dry wit and felt that
    you and Marty were truly complementary in your approach to baseball.Best wishes..we will miss you.


    I really enjoyed listening to you Steve and wish you the best of luck. Daugherty mentioned on his blog that there’s a chance you could be in the Reds FoxSports mix next year. Any truth? How can all your fans lobby for you?


    Steve-Like everyone else on the blog I was so disappointed that you were not signed again… it didn’t seem possible since you are doing such a great job. I had already written you in the family bible and was looking forward to 30 or 40 more years of great interviews and your infectious love of the game … of course I would have to take care of myself to be able to listen that many more years. Just one more thing before you start your next job… I think it would help the resume to call the world series games in October ’06. Good luck, so long,


    Steve-Just want to write that I have enjoyed your pleasant personality and genuine way of calling a game these last few years. To me this decision by the Reds does not make a whole lot of sense…but I hope like many fans, that this “window” will open another “door” down the road. Good Luck in the future and lets Go out in Style with a Reds Play-Off berth!!!!


    I am one of the many that grew up only knowing Marty and Joe in the booth. It was a huge adjustment to have anyone replace Joe in the booth; however, as time went by I really came to appreciate how good you were in the booth, Steve. This year you seemed more comfortable than ever. In my opinion, Reds fans were extremely lucky to have such a professional join our family. I wish all the best to you, Steve. In my book you will always have a home here in Cincinnati.


    I really don’t understand why! Your comments are those of a true gentleman which are testament to a classy guy through and through. Trust me class always wins! Bad Boy, keep knocking them out of the park – I respect you for taking one of the toughest jobs in Red’s radio history being Joe’s replacement. That takes ALOT OF COURAGE! Good Luck – hope to be hearing you real soon.


    Steve, I’ve been listening to baseball for 40 years. In my book, you’re outstanding, and I hope there is some way you can stay.

  28. Huevos

    As with others, I too want to send well wishes and just say “thanks” for a great job these past few years. It is virtually impossible to replace Joe Nuxhall, but you did it with class and excellence and in my view, it will very hard to replace you too.

    I just hope that the real reason is that the Reds are getting a solid 200-inning RH starter in exchange for you(!) 🙂


    Steve, We’re really going to miss you and wish you a great future. In the meantime, would you pass something along to Marty. Last night 8/24/06 we listened to the whole game on edge and at the end we couldn’t have been happier with the win, but with Marty’s exuberance in screaming ” this one belongs to the Reds he woke our cat “Wily Mo”. I’m sure you were all fed and in bed before he calmed down. I have but one request. Could you please end left coast games with a lullaby? Thanks.
    PS I’m Wily Mo the pug’s grandmother


    Thanks for being classy and your time in cincinnati was great. I really do hope you get a GREAT job. Good luck Steve.


    Steve, very good having you on the air the past 3 years and nice talking with you in Columbus during the caravan stop. Wishing you the very very best. Good things happen to good people so I know something great will happen for you. As Willie might say “You’re a fine American”. God bless you always Steve. p.s. Can’t wait to see the pic’s of Marty’s puddy kat.


    It’s hard to keep company with the likes of Marty. I think the move will do you good. You can now get out of the shadow of a great one. Great job covering the Phillies series.


    Hey Steve–
    You have been such a pro during all this, and I think that karma will pay off in spades…


    I really enjoyed your work

    over the last 3 years. The

    Philly-St. Louis trip with Joe

    was great. Good luck and hope-

    fully there is a long playoff

    run to close out your time

    with the Reds.


    More two-cents:

    Hey Steve, I met you at the Caravan in Lexington, and not to echo everyone else, but I’ll echo everyone else — you are an A-number-one CLASS act. OK, the radio gig in Cincy wasn’t long term. So what? You’ll land somewhere, and you’ll land well, whether in broadcasting or anything else.

    Here’s a thought — can you call any other sports? Cincy’s got a new minor league hockey team coming in this year . . . Can you call some puck? lol

    Best of luck, my man, and good vibes from all of us here.




    I’m disappointed with the Reds’ decision not to renew your contract. The Reds new management team seemed to making good moves. This is not one of them. Good luck to you and your family.


    For the life of me, Steve, I can’t understand why the Reds organization isn’t renewing your contract. What would your fans have to do to get them to change their mind?
    I think you’re marvelous at calling the games, making very appropriate and knowledgable comments, giving us valuable information about players and teams, and having fun with Marty during that silly Trivia question in the second inning.

    Please tell John Allen to think it over and realize he has a gem in the booth with Marty.

    Sincerely, Jane


    steve, i will be honest with you i grew up listening to marty and joe on a little grey radio on the kitchen table with my dad every night and when joe left i had it in my head nobody will ever take joe’s i still say joe is the man but i also have to say i really enjoyed the bad boy who filled in quite nicely i wish you could stay but maybe the cardinals could use a very talented,entertaining,knowledgeable announcer like you good luck in the future and maybe you can return home the cardinals have a great history with great announcers and you would fit in perfectly.

    jason from crittenden


    Steve I really enjoyed your broadcasting. I hope you find a job soon. You are a first class person for the way you are handling this, I hope their are no hard feelings between you and Marty. I wish you all the best .THANK YOU. …..Mike


    I thought Steve Stewart did fine. If I had my way I would get rid of Marty. Marty is intelligent, articulate, and thoroughly knows the game. But, he is a smart-aleck. It is one thing to be disappointed when things go wrong. But, Marty gives the impression that Reds players try to strike out, give up homeruns, make errors, etc. It is obvious that he never played the game. I have followed the Reds since Waite Hoyt. Waite was not a cheerleader, but he always supported the Reds. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which side Marty is on.


    Steve – Good luck to you. I really enjoyed listening to your call of the game. I thought the way you handled yourself during what would have been a difficult time for anyone was incredibly impressive. Take care and best of luck to you in the future. Please drop a line WHEN you land another broadcasting job. Thanks again – Kent



    I was stunned to read this back in Baltimore on DCRTV this morning. I always thought that you sounded great on Sundays in the broadcast booth at Camden Yards, and would overjoyed if you found your way back east this spring.

    Your former morning producer in Baltimore,

    Miles (with the Golf Club)


    Hey Steve,

    I am so sorry to hear you will be leaving us. I have to be honest when you first came here, I was still hotter than **** that they let Joe go. But you have grown on me just the way the Ol Lefthander did. To echo everyone else you are a class act. Your departure is our loss and I am sure some other MLB teams gain. Good luck to you and your family. You will do just fine in the future. Thank you for entertaining us every evening with your fine insight on the game. This is one move that Krirvsky et al will live to regret


    Steve, Good luck to you in the future. As Marty was quoted elsewhere,you have greatly improved this year and I agree 100%. Also I too appreciate your badboy blog,great insight! Thanks again! Dan East Amherst,NY


    Sure caught me by surprise when they announced that you will not be back next year. I found you to be very entertaining and definity a class act. After maybe a slow start I thought you and Marty turned out to be quite an act.
    Anyway, get this. I am actually an Indian die-hard for many many years and there is little doubt in my mind that you could fit in very well with the Indians and I know that you would without a doubt be accepted very well.

    No matter where you land I wish you and your family the best.



    Best of luck to you. I have enjoyed listening to you and Marty. Like everyone who loves Joe Nuxall, I hated to see him depart, but your sense of humor and repartee with Marty made up for the loss. You’ll land on your feet wherever you go, whatever you do.


    Steve – This listener will miss you on air next year. I enjoyed listening to the chemistry you have with Marty.


    Hey, just out of curiosity…what scorebook do you use? I keep score every game I go to and need a new one. I am anxiously awaiting the pictures of yours you said you are going to post…


    Best of luck to you Steve, I will be 30 on Monday and can remember listening to Marty and Joe since I was a little kid. I listen to every game on 790 here in Louisville and I have listened to you for a couple of years now and you and Marty sounded good together…Once again best of luck and GO REDS we still have a chance:) I will have it on 790 tonight.



    I think it’s pathetic that the Reds are not bringing you back to announce with Marty. You’ve done a terrific job, and I hope another MLB team appreciates your talents, and makes you their #1 guy.

    Randy P.

    Erlanger, Ky.


    As we listen to the last game of the season today, it will be sad to know it’s your last day in the booth with Marty. We go to games with headphones on just to hear you and Marty call the game. We also are of the many who turn the sound off the TV and listen to you, instead. The Reds will not be the same without you and this has been one of the most fun seasons our family can remember. We were there the night Adam Dunn hit the grand slam homerun to win the game against Cleveland, then later at several other down-to-the-last out victories. We will continue to follow your career wherever you go and wish you all the best. I hope Reds management can see that losing a team member takes away some of the bonding of the Reds family. No matter if it’s a player or part of the broadcast team. Thanks for a great few years here in Cinti….it won’t be the same without you!

    Mike & Lynn Sparks



    Thank you for your professionalism and hard work.We will miss you and pray that you continue to do what you love.Good luck in the future.

    The Autenrieb Family


    Hey Steve,

    Thank you for all you have done for the Reds and I wish you the best of luck. You are a great announcer and a total class act…

    I also really appreciate all of the many on-air plugs you did for my band the Screaming Mimes…That was totally cool of you…….

    Take care & good luck,

    Jim Farmer


    Dear Steve,

    Well today is the day after your last game and it was very sad to hear you tell marty goodbye as you left the booth to do you aftergame show. Your postgame show was done as usually with alot of class but then again you are a classy guy and you handle this with the up most professionalism. I think the Reds management did a great dis-service to the fans by not renewing your contract. I know they made alot of moves that did not make alot of sence. I think trading Austin Kerns hurt the chemistry of the team. So I know alot of people were happy with there moves and I was not. Well good luck to you and your family I hope to hear your voice on the air again soon with another team and I will listen on the satillete radio. If the Reds front office is checking and reading this site, I think your decision stinks and puts another nail in my coffin of being a baseball fan. I think the sport is suffering and continues to sink and decision like this add to it. Sincerely Greg Schmidt


    Dear Steve:
    I’ve always followed the Reds via WLW and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. I’ll really miss you and your great sense of humor. In my mind it’ll take someone extraordinary to replace you. Good luck in your future endeavors.


    Steve – we’ll miss hearing you with Marty next season. Like the numerous comments already posted, I have to agree the two of you together made for an entertaining broadcast, no matter what was going on with the game. I’ve listened to Marty and Joe for as long as I can remember as WLW reaches the Indy area. But listening on XM radio has certainly been an awesome experience this past year for me.

    I’ve absolutely enjoyed your pictures and posts and you have brought the radio experience to a new level for me. I’m one of those who turns down the TV and listens to the broadcast on the radio. There’s nothing like it to me. Even when I attend the games, I bring the radio along and follow the action with the broadcast. There’s no better way to watch the game.

    Your final broadcast yesterday was first class. I’m sure yesterday had to be filled with mixed emotions for you as it had to be a difficult time for you personally. You handled it like the pro you are. Nicely done!

    Good luck to you. I hope we have the opportunity to hear you again with another major league team.

    Thanks for making the broadcasts so much fun to be a part of.

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