Hello Reds Fans!

Withmartyandjoe_2 In a world in which seemingly everybody has their own talk show, now everybody also has their own blog, including me.  Some nice folks in the Reds front office approached me and asked if I’d like to give this a try.  I said "sure."

As Marty can attest, I’m rarely at a loss for words.  So, what the heck?  

I figure, I’ve got the best job in the world.  I work with a Hall of Fame announcer, a man who keeps me and everybody else laughing every day.  On occasion I get to work with Joe, who has been great to me too.  What Reds fan wouldn’t want to be in my shoes?  So why not take you on this "ride" that is the Reds season?

I know there are a lot of these types of forums available.  Reds’ beat writer Marc Lancaster has done a super job keeping fans updated on things.  What will this blog be about?  Ask me after the season, and I’ll have a better idea.  It will definitely be about the Reds and baseball, but it’ll also be about things away from the field, life on the road, etc.

Someone figured the "Bad Boy Blog" was a catchy title, so that’s what we’ve got.  The number one question I get from fans is, "Where’d you get your nickname?"

Maybe I’ll save that one for the next entry. 

Regarding the Reds, what an unbelievable last couple of days ? Wednesday at home and Thursday in Milwaukee.  We all know the pitching needs to get better, but to comeback from 5-0 and 8-4 down to win?  And from 6-2 down to win?  Entertaining, but I’m sure Jerry Narron would like to win a little less dramatically.  This Milwaukee team is a good measuring stick for the Reds, especially with the problems the Reds have had here in the past!

You can leave comments and questions for me at the end of this post. I encourage your feedback.  Please keep it civil and clean, since my mom will be reading it.

Time for another brat(wurst, that is)…


  1. kkopcial@yahoo.com

    Hi Steve, I am a die-hard Reds fan who has followed the Reds since 1973. I live in the Youngstown Ohio area where everyone is either a fan of Cleveland or Pittsburgh. My question for you is: What ever happened to Jacob Cruz? I thought he did a great job last year pinch hitting for the Reds. When do you think the Reds will call up Ryan Wagner? I watched the game tonight on Extra Innings and was not all that impressed with Williams. What a great player Brandon Phillips is. Keep up the good work with Marty!!! Go Reds!!!!

  2. atradoxelli@aol.com

    Hi Karolyn
    A fellow Reds fan who wanted to respond to what you said about Dave Williams. I hate to jump on him early, like every batter he has faced have, but the guy stinks. He is a soft throwing no fastball dud. He got a win tonight, but giving up 9 hits in 5 innings, including 2 HR’s he is making Eric Miltons 05 campaign look Cy Young-ish. Just my thoughts! Boy the Reds look great on the road, nice change of pace.

  3. redsaddict@aol.com

    The Reds are doing absolutely amazing. There is one request i do have for the main office.They should definitely bring up Chris Denorfia. What a solid all around players. Hes the kind of uy that a team needs even if he is pinch hitting with the occasionla start. He was 2/2 when you sent him down this year with perfect fielding. Right now he is batting .350 in the minors and is keeping the Bats alive. All you need is to drop this new guy you have just brought up and everything will work out. I really think keeping Chris out of the majors is a mistake because he really is a high caliber player. Its a shame to keep him down when he offer some great attributes such as average, speed, team playep, great fielder, and some power. The potential he has is endless. If you bring him up the reds will be that much more cluch and have a better record. You would have a lot of support around the organization cause he is suc a nice guy. Hopefully you can listen to me or at least show Denorfia that I care.

  4. redscal@yahoo.com

    Hello Steve;
    The site looks good. I look forward to hearing your thoughts doing the year. I already read Marc’s Blog, but it will be very interesting in hearing from inside the booth as well. I fire a question to you, is Griffey going to come off the D.L. on Friday? Plus let me throw my two cents in the CL sititution. Where you got to love the work that Weathers has done, I think Coffey is the CL for this team. Again the Blog looks great. Calvin.

  5. dennislunsford@sbcglobal.net

    Why did you trade for Cody Ross to watch him rot on the bench! He’s hitting 500 with 2 HR’s with only 14 at bats! Put him in coach he’s ready to play – today

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