Aurilia to 15-day DL

Update: The Reds have placed Rich Aurilia on the 15-day DL with a strained right groin.

Infielder Ray Olmedo will replace Aurilia on the roster. In 17 games for Louisville, Olmedo hit .339 with eight runs scored. Olmedo’s expected to arrive here in Denver in time for tonight’s game.

Rich has been a big part of this team’s early-season success, hitting .295 with five homers and 13 RBIs. He’s also hit in 11 straight starts.

Rich has combined with Scott Hatteberg for a nice platoon at first base, and he’s done well everywhere else he’s played. We wish him a speedy recovery.



    I hate to see this. Aurilla has been a key part of the Reds success this season and I can only hope everyone else will step up and contribute something extra to make up for his absence. Not to be too negative but I think the Griffey thing is getting a bit ridiculous. We all realize that the injury is worse than what’s being reported. I believe it’s time for number 3 to move to left field or first base. I am also now hoping Clemens signs with an A.L. team and doesn’t go back to Houston. Thanks Steve!


    Steve, I also want to say that the site looks great. I love the pictures that are sprinkled in. Maybe you could take one or two shots from the press box at each stadium and put them up so we can see what it’s like from your vantage point.


    Everybody keeps talking about how Freel is slumping. However, in my book, as a leadoff guy the only important stat is OBP. He’s a great base stealer, and he’s very aggressive on the base-paths. As long as he keeps his OBP over .400 He’s fine in my book, regardless of how many hits he gets. Batting average is fun to talk about, but the real goal is simple…to not get out. As long as Freel is getting on base, I don’t care how he’s doing it. What are your thoughts Steve? Is BA all it’s cracked up to be?

  4. Steve

    As to the previous comments:
    The tea leaves sure seem to indicate that if Clemens plays, it’ll be with Houston. But we’ll see….

    As for the pictures, that’s a great suggestion. I have a digiital camera, I just have to figure out how to post the pics (remember I’m technically challenged), but I will figure it out eventually.

    I agree with you on Freel. For leadoff guys it’s all about OBP and he continues to get on base. Although you like to see them hit with men on base, etc. He needed a night off last night, and Chris Denorfia did his usual solid job in centerfield…



    actually, runs scored is the most important thing that matters for the lead off guy. OBA is second and RBI are third. Batting averages are way over rated. That’s why Dunn’s so valuable. He scores a lot because he gets on base a lot.

    Welcome to Arizona, Steve. It’s a wonderful place. Being able to watch the Reds on Directv makes it even better. it’d be nice if you could get some air time on FSN.

    Won’t be able to make the game tonight, cause I have a softball game. But, I should get to see the last two games. I did get to see the Cubs v. Brewers rookies play at Fitch Park today. Sure would be nice if the Reds trained in AZ. They could train with the Indians in Buekeye, AZ.

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