Warming Up

060505bob Now THIS is more like it.  The Valley of the Sun… beautiful.. not a cloud in the sky…

Another nice bounce-back win yesterday (Thursday).  Aaron Harang was brilliant under brutal weather conditions.  And the Reds hitters returned to their patient, effective approach at the plate that has worked so well this year.  Edwin Encarnacion and Austin Kearns, in particular in the four-run second inning fell behind 0-2, then worked the count full, before getting hits.  And how about Harang’s two hits.  The Reds still have lost only one series all year. 

But back to the weather. We haven’t seen days like this since Spring Training… so I’m headed to the pool…. enjoy the game tonight (yes, another "Friday Night Fight"). Carpenter, Sheets, Oswalt and now UK alum Brandon Webb, who’s off to a great start. 

From a place where it’s widely celebrated, I wish you a "Happy Cinco de Mayo!!"

One "shout-out" I forgot on Thursday, but congratulations to Dan Hoard and his wife, Peg, on the birth of their son Samuel!!  7 pounds, 2 ounces.  Born Wednesday morning, all are doing well.


  1. patmonahan1@cox.net

    Welcome to Arizona. This is a great place for Reds fans to visit (actually to live).

    Just don’t eat the Cincinnati chili at the stadium. It ain’t the real thing.

  2. Steve


    Not sure where the shot came from. But I will say last night was the first time I’ve been at the park with the roof open. It’s really super when they’re able to open it up, as they are this time of year…


  3. patmonahan1@cox.net

    It looks like a helicopter skid in the lower left of the photo. You can click on the photo for a bigger picture. You can also see the Suns arena or “Kobe’s Burial Spot”. It’s an old photo, the pool is the original, the garage to the north isn’t built and it still says ‘Bank One Ballpark’ on the roof. But, it must be an important game, cause the stands are full

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