Hold “de Mayo”…

Well the Reds’ Friday night roll stopped with a thud on Cinco de Mayo, thanks largely to about the ugliest inning I’ve ever seen.  And, no surprise, UK alum Brandon Webb was his usual brilliant self.  D’backs take round one, 7-1.  So now we’ll see if Bronsono Arroyo can keep doing what he’s been doing. 

After the game last night, I was unable to interview Webb because he was getting ice in the trainers room.  I did talk to Luis Gonzalez, who had two hits an an RBI in that forgettable second inning.  Gonzalez said it was nice to see Webb beat "his hometown team."  Brandon is from Ashland, Kentucky.  And, yes, he still lives there.  Met some guys that grew up with him when we were there for our Caravan stop this past January.

About Arroyo, Gonzalez told me, "We haven’t seen a lot of him.  He’s an American League guy coming in. We’re hoping that we can get his pitch count up early and try to take advantage.  But we know that he’s got a great slider and he’s been pitching real well as of late."

On what was a bad day for the Reds, probably the most interesting development was learning, once we got back to our hotel after the game, that the L.A. Lakers are staying here.  They play the Phoenix Suns in Game 7 of their playoff series later today.  There was a Phil Jackson sighting in the lobby, and we saw former OSU star Jim Jackson as well (he’s 35 now, just to make you feel a little older.)  Their game starts about an hour before the Reds and Diamondbacks. 

Another beautiful day in paradise, by the way…

Also, on a serious note, we want to wish Reds employee Chris Herrell all the best.  A great guy, a super employee, Chris has been in the hospital the past couple of weeks.  Chris, we’re thinking about you…and GET WELL SOON!!!


  1. leericketts@yahoo.com

    Glad to see you are watching good baseball. Reds are doing well and the O’s continue to stink. We miss you in Baltimore.


  2. patmonahan1@cox.net

    I don’t miss reds games for anything. but, the Suns are playing great and it’s good to see Kobe’s smile wiped off his face.

    The Suns are the Cincinnati Reds of the NBA. Lots of offense and the defense comes second. Hopefully, we’ll see the Reds in the playoffs this year too.

  3. patmonahan1@cox.net

    Hey Steve, What two Braves hit 714 home runs? Or at least hit their 714th home run as a Brave?

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