Royce Rolls…

060510clayton Not much good to come out of Tuesday’s 7-1 Nationals’ win.  Except for a good line delivered by Washington’s veteran shortstop Royce Clayton,  who went 3-for-4 with two doubles in the game.

By now you’ve no doubt seen or heard about Alfonso Soriano’s 492-foot home run that cleared the batter’s eye in centerfield in the ninth inning. Washington’s hitters have complained about the large dimensions at their home, RFK Stadium, since it re-opened for baseball last year. I asked Clayton on the radio what guys were saying to Soriano after the home run (the fourth longest in Great American Ball Park history).

"We told him it’d probably be a double in Washington or maybe off the wall," he said, laughing.



    steve this is a great opportunity to give a behind the scenes look at what its like working for the reds in the booth and on the road and all the stuff we dont already know about. please take advantage of the reds asking you to do this and make it an interesting look at a year with the reds a real look at what its like to have this awsome job you have . im not trying to be rude in any way but to just comment on the game to rewrite whats in the paper would be disappointing.thanks nice job on the radio ERNIE


    Who’s a bigger hero? Rick Monday for saving the flag from a firey death or Juan Pierre snagging home run 714?


    We remember Monday’s heroics 30 years later, but I don’t think they’ll celebrate the anniversary of Pierre’s catch in 2036…it just delayed the inevitable.


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