Reds Even the Series

060511prez1_1Jim Osborn, photographer for the Cincinnati Post, was kind enough to send along some photos he took on Opening Day.

I think everyone in the ballpark, and the broadcast booth, felt fortunate that Wednesday night’s game was a) played, b) played on time and c) played without interruption.  It was an ominous afternoon sky, and it appeared we might have a "banana phone" type of night, but we dodged the bullet. 

As for the game itself, it was nice to see a total team effort.  It took most of the 25-man roster to beat Washington, 9-6.  The hitters bailed out the pitchers, who have more than held up their end of the bargain this season.

Scott Hatteberg had the big two-run double in the eighth inning.  He hit it off left-hander Mike Stanton.  Even though Hatteberg’s been mostly a platoon player this year (playing mostly against right-handers), he came to the plate in the eighth hitting .385 versus left-handers.  He’s quietly helped make this a better team.  He has good at-bats, sees a lot of pitches, has a high on-base percentage and plays good defense.


Bronson Arroyo will try for his sixth win of the year tonight.  Washington counters with Cincinnati native Zach Day.  By the way, we enjoyed Bronson’s debut as a sports anchor on Local12 with Brad Johansen Wednesday.  Arroyo did a nice job delivering the 6 p.m. sports report.



    Steve, can fans obtain or purchase a media guide or are they reserved for members of the press only? Also, what was Narron complaining about last night that got the umpire fired up. Thank you Steve.


    speaking of Zack Day, what other cincinnati natives are playing in the bigs? I know Brandon Webb & Kearns are from Kentucky.


    Hey Steve, Im a 16 year old Who since the age of 8 has practiced and wanted to be a sports announcer. Do you have any advice?


    Not sure on the Narron question.

    As far as Cincinnatians in the Majors, hmmm. Colorado pitcher Aaron Cook is from Hamilton. I just interviewed him last week. Kevin Youklis is from Sycamore H.S. and UC. He plays for Boston. Reds pitcher Rick White is from Springfield, Kent Mercker from Dublin. I know there are others, if anyone can think them, I’d appreciate it. Those are just some who immediately come to mind.

    As far as advice: mine would be to get as much experience as you can. Sounds like you’re already off to a nice start.

    I would call call around to radio and tv stations to see if they could use any (probably volunteer) interns. Most colleges and universities have their own radio (and some have tv) stations. Those are also great places to learn. The keys are getting experience and making contacts.


    Media Guides are available for purchase in the Reds Gift Shop (the large one down at the ballpark on Main Street). This store is open on non-gamedays too.

    The dughout gift shop at the Westin Hotel is closed right now for some type of remodeling the Westin hotel is doing with their lobby-level stores.

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