A Great American Vantage Point

Someone suggested during the game I take shots of our vantage point at Great American Ball Park, so here are some… on a night when the Reds had the misfortune of going up against Brandon Webb.


060527gabpcenter 060527gabpleft
A good night for baseball, good Friday night crowd.
When I look left…
060527gabpright 060527segdave2
And looking right. Two well-known members of our ensemble: our fearless leader (and the author of the Cincinnati Bell trivia questions), Dave "Yiddy" Armbruster. And the one and only Bill "Seg" Dennison.
060527jim 060527segdave
Among the regular celebrity guests who stop by the booth: FSN’s Jim Day (proprietor of the "JDD," or "The Jim Day domicile") and WGRR’s Music Professor, Jim LaBarbara.
Seg and Yid watching intently during Friday’s loss to Arizona.
A great postgame fireworks show… even if I couldn’t do it justice with my camera.


  1. icarus@kcu.edu

    Im watching the Reds game today (Sunday) and Hatteburg just hit a 2 run homer to get within one and I just noticed that Chris Welch is the biggest wet blanket in the league. This guy never has anything positive to say. I love George Grande but Welch is the reason I usually listen to you and Marty on the radio while I watch it on tv. Great pics by the way, love your blog.

  2. patmonahan1@cox.net

    And then the Reds back up catcher, Javier Valentin hits a walk off home run to win it. Reminds me of Hal King, the Reds 3rd string catcher in 1973, when the Reds were 10 games behind LA in August. He hits a home run to put the Reds in the lead. The Reds then go on a tear and win the division by 3 games. I believe the Reds are about to get hot. Very Hot!

  3. patmonahan1@cox.net

    Steve, if you’re taking requests. It would be cool to see pictures of the neighborhood surrounding Wrigley. The last game I saw at Wrigley, Pete Rose tied Cobb for first in hits, it was a rainy day and my wife almost talked me in to leaving early. It is truly a beautiful place.

  4. firsttennessee@yahoo.com

    Steve, thanks so much for honoring my request for pictures from the GABP. Your blog is the greatest.

    George, Dayton

  5. pgraebing@comcast.net

    Nice blog, Steve, I appreciate the behind the scenes look.

    I was spurred on to post a comment to point out that Adam Dunn is the first player in the history of the oldest franchise in baseball to have 40 HRs, 100 runs, 100 RBIs, and 100 walks in consecutive seasons, but Marty says he is not a run producer. I sure wish the Reds had 7 other non-run producers just like him.

    I would like to hear someone remind him of that once in a while.

  6. patmonahan1@cox.net

    You gotta love Dunn when he’s on. but in May his runs scored fell to 13 and his walks fell to 16. Half of what they were in the previous month. His fielding seems lackadasical too. He’ll make a great catch at the fence or down the line and then you’ll see him in slow motion to cut the ball off in the gap or he’ll throw the ball in the same whether theirs runners on or not. Hopefully, this is just a slump, because we need more than just 40 homers. We need defense (he already made as many errors this year as all of last year) and we need him to get on base and score runs. it even looks like Bonds is having a better year fielding (no errors)and he’s got bad knees.

  7. mobbfalcon@yahoo.com

    Hey Steve, I just had a quick question for you..the fireworks were amazing, and what made them even more amazing was the song selection they had, i was wondering if there is a list or something of the songs they used…I would love to get my hands on that 😀

  8. Becca

    great pictures, steve! i’m going to be in cincinnati next week, in fact, my hotel is 5 blocks from the ballpark. but i don’t know if i’ll be able to go to the game (i’m visiting my ailing grandmother who doesn’t do well with steps or big crowds). this is probably the next best thing!

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