Saturday Notes

Joe Nuxhall joins Marty for the Saturday Arizona game.  I’ll be there as a spectator with my son, John.  By the way, Marty’s son will attend Sunday’s game.  Anderson High alum (and the TV voice of the Diamondbacks) Thom Brennaman is missing the Friday and Saturday Cincinnati-Arizona games, spending the first part of the weekend in Washington for the Nats-Dodgers for FOX-TV.

I had the pleasure of meeting former UK coach Joe B. Hall before the game.  He and his group enjoyed visiting with the many Kentucky-born players between the Reds and D-backs:  Austin Kearns, Brandon Webb, Kevin Jarvis and Andy Green.  Amazingly, all four umpires for the weekend series have very strong Kentucky ties as well (and, no, it wouldn’t have mattered who was umpiring Friday; Brandon Webb was brilliant, no matter what state the umpires were from).



    Steve..just found your blog..really enjoy the different views etc..things you would never see otherwise..I enjoy your broadcasts too, even the trivia questions..hope you keep one up on Marty! I have one question..I emailed Marty shortly after GABP opened..but never got a reply..question was, in previous years at Cinergy..a WLW banner was always hanging outside the broadcast window, but at GABP this was ceased for some reason. I think you should know when fans come to GABP, one of the first things they do is to find press row, look up and hopefully get a glimpse of the broadcast team. Lots of folks even bring binoculars. However, without a banner…there is just a lot of windows with people standing around etc. I think it would be prudent of WLW to “hang” the banner again. It’s one of the first rules of “Broadcast 101 “..not to mention the fans could “find” you and Marty. This may seem trivial, but would officially anchor your broadcast area..something to think about.
    Mike T.



    Hey Mike:

    It’s certainly a good idea. To my knowledge, usually things like signage in a ballpark has something to do with the contract between the radio station and the ball club. WLW does have a sign on the outfield wall and up in the scoreboard area above the bleachers in left field, so maybe they thought that was “enough.”

    I will ask about it. Nice to hear from you…

    By the way, it’s 3:28 CDT and we just arrived at our Houston hotel (after a 3-2 win over the Cubs), now just waiting for my luggage…



    Hi Steve:
    I just heard you mention your blog on the radio, and decided to check it out. I really enjoyed the pics of the different vantage points from up in the broadcast booth. I think that you do a great job calling the games and I really enjoy hearing you and Marty riff with each other every night. Keep up the good work!




    Steve..I received your reply in regard to the absence of a WLW banner not being located at the radio broadcast site at GABP. At the old Cinergy and Riverfront sites..there was always a banner. It is true, there are “other banners” located at the Park, these just blend in with all the others and maybe WLW thinks two is more than enough. However, I attended games of June 8-9 & June 16th with fans from out of town. They too, are avid listeners to Reds on Radio. When we arrived they asked where you and Marty were located, I pointed in the general direction of the press area. What we saw were: A WGN banner, A Comcast banner & a FSN banner where George and Chris are located. But…NO WLW banner which would identify you and Marty. A glaring absence! Trust me,thousands of people every game bring thier radios with them. Then after being seated, they look for a glimpse of the Reds broadcast team.But,you and Marty are “mixed ” in with writers, etc.due to the absence of a banner. It may seem trivial to some,but you, Marty and Joe are a significant part of the game experience and as such, deserve to be recognized along with WGN, Comcast and George and Chris…hopefully in the near future. We love the blog and photos..keep em comin!!
    Mike T.


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