Photos from Shea and Jacobs

First of all, congratulations on the well-deserved contract extensions for General Manager Wayne Krivsky and Manager Jerry Narron.  Each has done a super job, and each sets a high standard for the entire organization to follow.

Wayne has upgraded the team in an incredibly short period of time.  The trades to acquire Bronson Arroyo, Brandon Phillips and David Ross have had a huge impact. Jerry maximizes the talent available to him. He sets the right tone, preaching the fundamentals. He’s trying to teach a lot of young players what it’s like to be a winning team.

In other business, thanks mostly to pilot error (with me being the pilot), I’m tardy in getting the Shea Stadium and Jacobs Field photos up here, but better late than never.

The parks are on opposite ends of the spectrum. "The Jake" is 12 years old, but still looks new. Shea is about my age, and looks it! The good news for Mets fans, as well as visiting teams: a new ballpark is under construction and should be ready to go in 2009.


Cover of the Mets official game program from the inaugural 1962 season


The Miracle Mets of ’69.


The Mets of ’99, featuring Al Leiter, who beat the Reds in a one-game playoff.



Across the subway tracks: the National Tennis Center, home of the U.S. Open.


Yes, it’s called the Flushing Bay beyond the left-field wall.


Walkway from the clubhouse to the visitors dugout.



Marty navigates the narrow hallway leading to the booth. (Don’t tell the Fire Marshall.)


Tight quarters for our booth.


Marty with "The Godfather," fellow blogger Marc Lancaster of the Post.



Day game on June 22.


For many years Shea had the largest scoreboard in the majors.


Our next door neighbors, Jesse Jackson, Chris Welsh and George Grande of FSN Ohio.



The wall behind our broadcast position. It hasn’t been painted since LBJ was president.


This is where the bus drops off players beyond the right field wall… ("We’ll leave the light on for ya’.")


Night game at Shea.



This "Big Apple" is a Shea tradition. The apple pops up for a Mets home run.


Marty with our main man in New York, on-site producer Jay Braiman.


An airplane takes off from nearby Laguardia Airport.



Beautiful Jacobs Field (I didn’t go as picture crazy in Cleveland as I did at Shea). The amenities are very nice, like so many new ballparks.


Looking left.


Looking right.



Beautiful day Saturday for Game 2 of the series with the Indians.




    I was at two of the games, first time at Shea. First seat I sat in broke. There’s hardly any room to move in those seats, and if someone needs to get up, it’s really difficult to get out of the aisle. Looks like the press box is the same way. And what’s with all of those rails in the stands? I know they are “boxes,” but you can’t even sit a family of four next to each other. I live in DC and attend a lot of Nats games, and I have to say that RFK is far better than Shea, and RFK’s a dump! And the location of Shea is awful, too. It isn’t near anything. At least RFK is two Metro stops from nightlife.

    What’s with the political statement in the photos – the Israeli flag? Politics should be left out of baseball.

    I absolutely love your photo posts, Steve. Keep ’em coming.


    Yeah, what is up with the Israeli flag in the booth? I found that to be a bit odd…


    Next to the National Tennis center are the towers that the alien climbed in “Men In Black”.


    Man you guys are right shea stadium is a dump. I like to see behind the scenes. Keep up the good work.

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