Arroyo an All-Star

060703arroyo_1Congratulations to Bronson Arroyo on his first All-Star selection. Check out the story on to read about it.

From Mark Sheldon’s column…

"Since I’ve been in this uniform, everything has played out nicely," said Arroyo, who named to the team in a players’ vote. "Starting off as hot as I have and us being in contention like we are as a team no one expected to be here, for me to make the All-Star team was something I never expected."



    Congrats Bronson. Speaking of All Stars, my hat is off to Adam Dunn. He is playing a great left field and his Offense is amazing too. The Reds should have had more all stars.


    congrats bronson. i think griffey deserves to be an all star as well as ross and phillips they did have break out seasons and jason bay’s bat is no comparison to griffeys.


    Great maybe a bit much. But, he made 6 errors the first 2 months and then didn’t for awhile. He started making better throws to hold runners and he threw out a player at the plate. Lately, he’s slipped a little. He is capable of playing a good left field and he is an offensive force.

    Sad to see Lopez and Kearns go. But you need pitching. They said on ESPN the other day that even the 75 Big Red Machine had a relief core with an era under 3.00. The Reds need balance. We’ve proved that having lots of offense and no pitching gets you in the second division.

    I don’t think DC will be happy with the offensive numbers that the duo will put up in their massive ballpark. Will Kearns hit 7 homers the rest of the year? I don’t think so, when you play half your games in DC.

    I can also see Harris at third and Encarnacion at first next year. Castro at short full time this year.

    This trade is great. It gives us a great chance at a playoff spot.


    great and professional defense ‘save his rear end’!!!!after all he lost his last 3 starts!!


    Dunn gets another assist as he throws out Cory Sullivan to end the second. I wonder how much his defense will improve with Castro and Clayton at short? Steve, can you ask Dunn if he will play left differently with the new shortstops being able to cover more ground?


    have to love this big trade deal with the nats>>i hope it works out for the best>>that includes guardoda also, from the team that gave gave us junior>>mariners!!!

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