Photos from Detroit

The results were disappointing, losing two of three in Detroit. Hopefully, this homestand will yield better results.

On a positive note, I had the privilege of saying hi to retired broadcast legend Ernie Harwell, who stopped by the booth on Sunday. The former longtime Voice of the Tigers is one of the game’s treasures.

I took some more pictures. These are from Detroit’s Comerica Park (Comerica is a bank, in case you were wondering). I also included some pics from the Henry Ford Museum. They do have the "Baseball as America" travelling Hall of Fame exhibit on display (which was very impressive, by the way). But since I already overloaded you with baseball nostalgia last week, I went a different direction.


060522scoreboard 060522rightfield
Comerica Park opened in 2000. It replaced historic Tiger Stadium, which is still standing, unused, by the way. It’s a nice yard.
This photo and the one before were taken before the game began. We actually had very nice crowds during the series.
060522marty_1 060522carfront
Marty chats with Hall of Famer Hal McCoy during the second inning of Sunday’s game in Detroit. This is the limousine in which President Kennedy was assisinated. It’s on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.
060522carback 060522plaque
The car was retro-fitted and, believe it or not, used for many years after the tragedy. This plaque explains that after 1964, Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter all rode in this same car. (Click on the above photo to read about it.)



    I really like the new Tiger Stadium, but would love to see a game in the old Tiger Stadium. I hear they still use it for amateur games. By the way, the nicest thing at the new ball park is Montgomery Inn Ribs in right field.


    Any pictures on what made its way on the the field Saturday night? Or can you at least tell us what happened?


    I went up to detroit for the friday night and saturday games… we went to the henry ford museum on sat afternoon… I really liked the baseball exhibit and the old steam engines. Comerica is a great park, but I was unimpressed with the concessions service… not horrible, not good either… just slow. Maybe I was just annoyed at my dad for rooting for the tigers.


    Steve, once again, nice pics. Do you know why the car continued to be in service after the shooting? It seems to me that no one would want to use it or ride in it. Kinda creepy actually. Do you and Marty keep score of the games?


    Steve, can you tell us what the purpose of the narrow dirt strip between home plate and the pitchers mound? Is it purely cosmetic or is it there for a reason? I think Arizona’s park has one two. I have never heard what that is called or why it’s there. I know older stadiums had them to. Just curious.


    That path between home plate and the pitchers mound is just there to look like “the good old days,” as far as I know. If you look at very old film of baseball 100 years ago, you’ll see that.

    Regarding the car remaining in service, it’s hard to imagine it happening today. I really don’t have an answer, other than it was appparently still in good working order. They cleaned it up and put a roof, etc., on it.



    Oh, and regarding keeping score. Yes, all baseball announcers keep score. It’s the only way to keep up with everything that’s happening and keep track of what happened earlier.


    Arizona was the first to bring back the path from home to the mound. Old fields used to have these. Basically, they occured in the old days because that was a place of a lot of foot traffic. As a kid we used to play on the grass field behind McAuley HS. Eventually, we would wear base paths into the grass. The pitchers mound would always be shaped oblong toward home plate. Ah yes, the good ole days.

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